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Natural Beauty Products for Better Skin

GUEST POST: Lisa is the creator and founder of Lisa Designs Life. With a passion to inspire women to create peace, space and tranquility in their lives, Lisa shares home decorating, organization and wellness tips in the pursuit of harmony amidst the busy pace of everyday life.

Natural Beauty Products | Sweet Clean Living

Who doesn’t want better skin? And who doesn’t want it naturally?

We soon discover the importance of using natural beauty products for our skin and our homes, usually after something bad happens.  The more we research, the more we are astounded to learn about the known negative side effects of ingredients found in our skin care products, and even the dangerous materials used to manufacture the bottles themselves.  

There are chemicals in many of our daily natural beauty products which mimic certain hormones, block the action of hormones, interfere with hormone receptors and even alter the chemical messages sent by hormones. Research has proven that ingredients found in current skin and health care products which affect hormone levels are detrimental to our future health. Key ingredients in personal care products have been shown to cause genital defects in animals, affect pregnancy outcomes and alter male sperm counts.

Studies done by major manufacturers are quick to discount research outcomes by suggesting that the exposure levels in the animal studies is higher than the levels an average person is exposed to. Whereas, the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the US National Toxicology Program have identified ingredients such as ‘phthalates’ as known carcinogens, and state that it is reasonable to conclude that long-term exposure would cause cancer in humans.

Please be aware, share the information, and make wise decisions when it comes to the products used by you and your family.

Aiming to inspire women like you to try exceptional natural beauty products that deliver the results you expect from your current brands but without the negative side effects of toxic chemicals, I have tested, tried, and discovered products that compare to top dermatologist brands.

Natural Beauty Products | Sweet Clean Living

Arbonne – Get Gorgeous Skin, Naturally

Arbonne is a true gem of a company, known worldwide for their trademark statement “pure, safe, beneficial.”  For six months I have been using and loving their natural beauty products. My skin has never looked better!

The trained consultants provide top-notch assistance, and have an in-depth knowledge of the products they sell.  A consultant in your area can provide you with a test product and even do a complete makeover for you and your friends.

Arbonne offers a large selection of products in the following categories: skin care, bath & body, nutrition, sunscreen, makeup, and more.  Having been around for over 40 years the Arbonne company has the history and science to back it’s products, and has proven their dedication to using green manufacturing methods.

The company continually improves the ingredients they use, and truly wants to leave the world a better place. In a four-year span, Arbonne contributed over $100,000 to Shelternet, a charity that supports women’s shelters across Canada. Arbonne makes it easy to support  charities, with each order placed there is an opportunity to make a donation to their current fundraising campaign. It’s a win, win, you get the best natural beauty products money can buy, and you give back to a charity with your donation.

There are six outstanding Arbonne skin care lines sold online. Each line boasts superior performance and will change your skin and the way you look at your future skin care choices.  Arbonne offers skin care products formulated with botanical ingredients guaranteed to give you unparalleled results. Four of the top skin care lines include:

The newly revised RE9 collection boast ingredients such as orange stem cells, antioxidants and peptides to enhance, firm, and smooth your skin.  The complete line up proudly display vegan and gluten-free labels.  The formulas do not contain: animal-derived ingredients, PEGS, propylene glycol, EDTA or synthetic fragrance.

1) The RE Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum will improve the appearance of fine facial lines by holding in moisture, giving the skin an uplifted, firmer look. The key botanicals used in this product are algae-extract, sea buckthorn oil, and stabilized vitamin C.

2) For excellent tone and vibrancy use the RE9 Age-Defying Neck Cream. This product has changed the way I feel about my neck. Applied morning and evening I noticed an impressive decrease in wrinkles and age spots. Like a 100% turnaround in tightening and firming the neck and decollete. There is a similar Firming Body Cream which you can check out here.

3) Your eyes say it all! Keep yours young and bright with the RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream. This rich eye cream will plump the delicate skin around your eyes giving you a refreshed, and more youthful appearance. In the past year I began to experience reed, irritated skin around my eyes from every cream I tried which led me to Arbonne and it’s naturally based products. It is nice to know that the key ingredients are peony root extract, algae extract and peptides and it works!

Natural Beauty Products | Sweet Clean Living

Cuccio Naturale – Best for Looking After Your Body

1) Luxury Spa Ultra Sheer Lyte Butter is my all time favorite daily, non-oily skin hydration for the hands, feet, and body. The White Limetta & Aloe Vera is soothing with a blend of fruit and botanical extracts that enhance skin making it softer and smoother. The lotion contains twenty-four hour time released emollients to naturally rehydrate your skin for a more radiant look. If a citrus scent doesn’t float your boat check out one of the other options: honey & soy milk, tuscan citrus, vanilla bean & sugarcane, or lavender & chamomile. Don’t they all sound heavenly! YUM.

2) The ULTIMATE PEDICURE must have! The Luxury Spa Non-oily, hydrating butter in white limetta & aloe vera.  Use this butter blend on your feet after a pedicure, or in the evening. Simply apply to your feet, pull on some socks and sit down to relax and watch your fave comedy. Your feet with be spa-rific in no time and ready for your summertime flip flops!! This natural beauty product is especially effective on dry skin, simply apply after your shower every few days for intense hydration without greasy. This body butter gives me the results I want without irritating my skin, giving my legs a smooth appearance with ten times the power of a lotion.

3) This is the ONLY hydrating and exfoliating SCRUB that I have tried which never leaves the shower or tub oily but does leave my skin silky smooth, soft, and more radiant looking. The Cuccio Naturale Luxury Spa Non-Oily Butter Scrub. This scrub can be used on your feet, hands or body to quickly remove dry, dead skin cells and moisturize at the same time. This product is also available in my fave new white limetta & aloe vera soft and delicate scent, featuring lemon peel extract, citrus lime extract along with aloe vera leaf juice to super hydrate. The Cuccio products contain antioxidants and vital nutrients for our skin are well worth giving a try.

These are just a few products and skin care companies I have discovered that combine natural ingredients with scientific research to formulate top-notch products to give us the true benefit and phenomenal results we desire! Share some of your favorite natural beauty products in the comment section below 😉

Thanks and keep smiling!

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