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About Me – The Sweet Clean Living Life

See that picture above? That’s me.

It looks like I’m just a happy chick dancing in a field, right? Isn’t that lovely?

Here’s the thing – it wasn’t always like that. Not even by a little.

Let me introduce myself properly, and how I chose the sweet, clean living life.

I’m Fliss, and five years ago, I was someone else.

Despite having a great life ‘on paper’, in truth, I wasn’t doing so great. I was about as far from ‘sweet, clean living’ as was possible.

It took two weeks of being at home, off work and not leaving bed, to make me realise that something was going to give pretty soon. And that something was either going to be my mind or my life.

Either way, I couldn’t go on in this way. I hated myself; I hated my life, and I hated everyone around me who just seemed. So. Freakin’. Normal. And. Happy.

So why wasn’t I happy?

To cut a very long story short, I couldn’t turn anywhere for help – not my doctor, not my friends. It would have ruined my career, and my reputation (oh yes. Did I mention I was teaching High School during all this?).

A life change was needed. But I didn’t think I had the energy to do all that.

I needed to take action

I took a long hard look at my life, and set about it like the organisational strategist that I am. There were huge, difficult obstacles in my way the whole time – and a number of hurdles and back steps – but eventually, as Madonna once said, ‘I made it through the wilderness’.

Welcome to the Sweet Clean Living life.

It was all thanks to the benefits of clean living. And I want you to know how easy it is, and do it too. Because once you start making changes, anything is possible.

Whether you’re in the same horrible, lonely boat that I was, or just looking for a few tips on all-over wellbeing (or even just an entertaining read)- I’m happy to have you here.

If I managed to do it, you 100% can change your life and achieve your goals.

Keep in touch 

And please, I’d love to know if any of this helps you, inspires you, or even just makes you laugh

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Spread the love, people.

All the best,



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