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10 Tips to Instantly Change Your Mood

Change Your Mood - 10 Quick & Easy Tips -

Sometimes it’s just impossible to shake that bad mood, however much you try.

Here’s a handy guide to the quick and easy ways to instantly change your mood.

 Watch Cat Videos

This one does sound a bit weird, but if you can’t do any of the others on this list, having a look at cat pictures totally calms you down. Scientific research explains that watching kitty videos lowers (human) stress levels, so you might want to get started with these YouTube collections.



talk it out

Talk It Out 

Step 1: Find a friend you like and want near you while you’re feeling this way.
Step 2: Talk about it while they listen.
Step 3: Repeat as necessary.

Sometimes getting what is bothering you out there in the open air is the best, quickest thing to change your mood.


buy something new

Buy Something New

It can even be as small as a candy bar: the point is, if you’re after a quick mood changer, buying something – anything – is it. Science has proved that ‘retail therapy’ is a real thing, and that when cash changes hands, your brain releases endorphins (the happy hormone).

Plus, you get something new to enjoy, which is always nice.


music manListen to Music

The quickest mood-changer of them all? Fire up some up music. You could go for a feelgood song with inspiring lyrics, a song that brings back positive memories for you or – if you’re feeling adventurous, classical music is supposed to be the best of all. At the very least, listening to music will take your mind off what was bothering you in the first place.




good deed

Help Someone Else Out

Another quick fix to change your mood – do something good for someone else. From helping a family member with a task, to carrying something heavy for a stranger in the street. By taking the focus off your mood and onto someone else, you’re changing a negative feeling into positive energy. Seeing the person you’ve helped’s gratitude will make an impact on you. Of course if they’re not grateful, try to find someone who will be, or try another item from this list.



Find a Fluffy Friend

Animals are a fantastic source of instant stress relief, and are scientifically proven to improve your mental health. So, if you don’t have a pet yourself, go round to a neighbor or a friend. Failing that, find your local animal shelter – they are always looking for people to give their animals a bit of attention, or for volunteers.





This one’s a general good skill to learn, but meditation can be good for your brain, as it strengthens the areas responsible for processing (thinking/decision making/rationalizing) and empathy (understanding others). Practicing it regularly might even help you avoid some of those future bad moods waiting to happen!



waterVisit Running Water

If you live near some running water, such as a lake, river or waterfall, hearing the sound can be relaxing and calm you down instantly. Getting out an about is always a good idea to change your mood, however if you don’t live near any water, running a bath or listening to the sound of it would also work.





Have a Bath or Shower

This one doesn’t really need explanation (what’s better than a nice warm bath/shower?) other than feeling clean and having some quality relaxation time lets your mind wander, and easily calms you down. otherwise, how else would this hilarious/crazy/thought-provoking /showerthoguths subreddit have been created?



tidy up

Tidy Up Your Space

Look at the picture on the left. How does this room make you feel? It’s dirty, messy and probably makes you feel a bit on edge, doesn’t it? There’s a reason people say ‘tidy space, tidy mind‘. And once you’ve tidied up (even a tiny bit), you’ll start to feel like you’ve achieved something, and maybe in a better mood too.


Did you try these tips? Which were the most helpful? let me know in the comments!

All the best,

Fliss x

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  1. Listen to some music and going for a run are two of my favourite cures for bad mood xx

  2. Rabz Haq Rabz Haq

    Thanks for the ideas.
    Much needed..!!

  3. Thanks Fliss, these are brilliant ideas. I’m not sure about the fluffy friend though – I got a kitten and she made me crazy ? But love all the others.

  4. Nice post mate, Thanks for sharing. ­čÖé

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